goNumb Numbing Cream


GoNumb Insane Numbing Cream provides painless experience when getting procedures like piercing, tattooing, tattoo removal, laser, waxing and Botox done. GoNumb numbing cream goes deep into the skin and block nerve endings for a pain-free experience.

  • Ingredients are 5% Lidocaine, 20% Benzocaine and 4% Tetracaine. These three combined makes GoNumb the strongest numbing cream that you can buy without prescription.
  • Each container has 15 grams of numbing cream.
  • The numbing effect lasts for 2- 4 hours per application and can be re-applied to extend the numbing, if needed.
  • GoNumb is safe to use. It does not irritate the skin nor distort or cause any swelling.
  • It does not interfere with ink, needles or wax pads.
  • For external use only. Do not swallow or use directly in private areas for piercings where numbing cream might get ingested. 
  • Consult with physician if you are not allergic to the main ingredients before using.

Directions for Use:

  1. Apply GoNumb on the skin where you are getting the tattoo or piercing.
  2. Leave the cream on for 2 hours.
  3. Then have your tattoo artist or professional wipe off the leftover cream.
  4. Begin procedure.

goNumb Customer Testimonials

"I purchased this product to use before laser hair removal to dull some of the pain of the procedure. As per instructions, I apply the product a 2 hours before the procedure so it has time to take full effect and I have not been disappointed. I still experience a little pain, but not nearly as much as I did before I began using this product. My husband used it before getting his tattoo last week and felt it took the edge off for that as well." ~Shawnna

"This is an amazing product. I have used it plenty of times when getting a tattoo in  painful areas or for long periods of time… And it works a charm!!!"  ~Daniel

"I started using gonumb 4 months ago and it has amazing numbing power! I researched a few different creams but went with this one. I apply the numbing cream to the bikini area, slip on the panty (to protect my clothing) and go about my usual business for an hour and about 30 minutes. When I get to the salon I remove the cream, and the wax is almost painless. It even helps when my waxer tweezes the final hairs, I barely feel a thing!! Would definitely recommend trying it out." ~Cecile