TattooCainez Numbing Cream


TattoocaineZ is a long-lasting skin analgesia used for tattooing, body piercing and laser tattoo removal. It doesn’t affect skin healing and bleeding. It is safe to use with correct application.

  • Active ingredients are Lidocaine, Prilocaine and Benzocaine.
  • Available in 10g tubes.
  • One 10g tube can be applied up to a skin area that’s approximately 20cm x 15cm in size.
  • Shelf Life is 3 years.
  • The numbing effect lasts up to 4 hours.

Directions for use:

  1. Put a generous amount of TattoocaineZ numbing cream. It is recommended to apply approximately 2-3mm in thickness onto skin.
  2. Cover the area with an occlusive dressing or plastic wrap affixed with an adhesive tape.
  3. Wait for at least an hour, but you can also leave it on for a maximum of 2 hours.
  4. Wipe off TattoocaineZ and clean the entire treated skin area with antiseptic lotion before procedure. The duration of numbness can last up to 4 hours after cream removal.
  5. Begin procedure.