Tattoo Soothe Numbing Cream

Tattoo Soothe

Tattoo Soothe Topical Anesthesia Cream is used “prior” to having skin procedures like body art or cosmetic tattoos to help numb the skin to avoid pain or discomfort.

  • Tattoo Soothe anesthetic cream also reduces bleeding.
  • It contains  5% Lidocaine, 20% Benzocaine and 5% Tetracaine.
  • Available in 8gm and 15gm jars.

Directions for Use:                

  1. Apply a thin layer over the area that you desire to work on.
  2. Leave the Tattoo Soothe anesthetic cream on for about 15-25 minutes.
  3. Wipe off excess cream and begin tattooing.
  4. After the initial few passes, if you still require extra comfort, place a thin layer of Tattoo Soothe Anesthetic Numbing GEL on the area being worked on and wait 3-5 minutes.
  5. As you continue working, repeat process one or two more times .Each time will bring more comfort.

Tattoo Soothe Customer Testimonials

"This stuff is the best. I had to get my own numbing cream before my tattoo removal laser treatment and found this. Left it on for almost 2 hours and the laser treatment didn't hurt like everyone says it will. I put on the cream and wrapped it in saran wrap and it was taken off right before we started the procedure." ~Francis

"Using tattoo soothe numbing cream along with the ""during-tattoo  soothe anesthetic takes away all pain during an 8 hour session. Used as applied and will work as directed." ~ Mark

Tattoo Soothe worked very well for me. As others have said, it seems to be most effective when put on an hour in advance, though half an hour was sufficient for me. Covering with a dressing should be done as well. In my case, I just used cling film and it was fine. ~ Brentt