Speed Numb Numbing Cream

Speed Numb is a leading topical anesthetic numbing cream used in the tattoo and hair removal industry. It can be used to get rid of the pain from procedures like tattooing, bikini waxing, piercing, Brazilian, Hollywood, needle Injection and Botox. 

  • Speed Numb is water based and has 2% Lidocaine.
  • Available in 10g tubes.
  • A 10g tube can be used for approximately 4" x 4" area.
  • Expiration date is three years after the manufacturing date which can be found on the tube.

Directions for Use:

  1. Wash the area with soap and water. Let it dry.
  2. Apply a first layer of Speed Numb cream to the area.
  3. Add a thick layer of cream over the first application to the area.
  4. Cover the applied area with saran wrap or cling film. You may securely seal it with adhesive tape.
  5. Leave the plastic wrap on for 2 hours until it is removed by the professional before your tattoo. Skin remains numb for 2-4 hours depending on skin type and location on the body.

Speed Numb Customer Testimonials

" had been using EMLA for twice the price and available only by prescription. Tried this and find it actually works better for laser and electrolysis hair removal. " ~Barbara

"I use speed numb prior to having brazilian waxes and it takes the pain away. I have to apply it very liberally and about an hour prior to the procedure. I also place plastic wrap over the area to protect my clothing. By the time I begin my appointment, everything is completely numb and the only sensation I feel is the warmth of the wax. I also notice that I stay numb for a few hours afterwards, so I'm not nearly as sensitive and uncomfortable as I was without using the cream." ~Kathleen

"Speednumb  works great to numb skin before being poked with a needle. It makes chemotherapy sessions a little easier." ~Robyn

"I keep this in my desk drawer as part of my ""waxing kit"" for when I have my bikini wax appointments. It definitely helps take the sting out." ~Cherrie

"This stuff was a major help during my first piercing  last week. It will definitely take the edge off. Very affordable little tube. It worked for me." ~Kimberly

"I used the cream prior to hair removal on my underarms, I did not feel a thing (except for maybe an area where I probably did not put enough cream) and bikini area: I did not feel any pain even as compared to when I have used the higher lidocaine (weird!).  I was honestly suprised that it worked."  ~Anne

"Wow - thanks to all of these reviews I bought this. And used it on my face for a painful treatment I was doing. It made it virtually painless and in my case, worked very quickly. This is a find!" ~Denise

"I got this on the off chance that it would help me better withstand getting tattooed in an especially sensitive area (I've been getting tattoos for years, and I've finally hit a spot that reduces me to tears within five minutes of being under a needle) and it did help." ~Brendan

"I used this product for a rib cage tattoo over a 3.5 hour session. It worked well the entire time. Make sure you apply and leave it for 1 hour , 2 if you have time, before you get work done." ~ Philip