Ink-eeze Numbing Cream

Ink-eeze Numbing Cream

INK-EEZE is a pre-procedure anesthetic cream used for deadening the epidermis prior to painful procedures like tattooing, piercing and waxing. Preprocedure anesthetics will not maintain lack of sensation throughout a procedure, but are effective for preparing the skin for pain sensitive procedures. ​

  • Active Ingredients are: Benzocaine 20%, Lidocaine 4% and Tetracaine 2%. These three numbing agents work together for maximum effect and comfort.
  • It  is made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in a 15g tube and a 5-packet tray that are 5ml each. The packets provide an extra level of freshness and barrier from oxygen exposure (that breaks down the numbing effects) by being able to use one packet at a time.
  • Apply beforehand or as directed by a physician and it should only be applied on intact skin.
  • The results vary depending on location.
  • It should not cover more than 20% of your body at one time. 

​Directions for Use:

  1. Wash area and dry completely.
  2. Apply a thin layer or INK-EEZE numbing cream and rub it in thoroughly.
  3. Apply a second layer on top.
  4. Wrap the area with plastic wrap for 90 minutes. Leave it longer on thicker skin since it requires more time to absorb the cream.
  5. Remove plastic wrap and wipe off the remaining cream.
  6. Start procedure.

Ink-eeze Customer Testimonials

"Works good as long as you fallow the directions. I will be ordering more. The customers love it and could not believe how good it works." ~Patricia

"Ink-eeze works very well. It contains Lidocaine and Benzocaine. It packs a double punch. I do not use it for tattoo's and such, but rather for occasional health conditions. One good coat, lightly rubbed-in seems to totally deaden the surface skin." ~Edna

"Works! If you put it on ahead of time with the plastic wrap, you will be numb for a solid hour. Even as it wears off, it is slow and helps. Takes the edge off the beginning of the process until you get in a groove. This was my first tattoo and I would chose to use this again in a heartbeat. I bought two tubes and sold one immediately to a friend who was getting ready for her next tattoo." ~Andre

"I must say i have many tattoos and have never experienced the difference that Ink-Eeze provided! I didn't feel the tattoo needle for an hour or so. Some numb parts lasted ofr 2 hours, some just 30 minutes, depends on the placement I guess. Still a good product for me! Worth the try!" ~Bo Mckay

"I had my first tattoo eight months prior to ordering the Ink-Eeze and was screaming and crying when I had my first tattoo done, I was literally told I was the bigesest wimp ever and he hated tattooing me. The second time I went back I used Ink-Eeze and my tattoo artist couldn't believe I was the same person. I sat throught the whole tatoo with almost no pain at all." ~Alyce

"Within a few minutes, this cream numbed the area sufficiently to pierce. I will likely purchase this again to pierce other areas." ~Noah

"I've been using the Ink-eeze to do my chestpiece. Once you start tattooing it seems to lose all its power after 30-40 minutes (faster in spots like on the sternum.) It says you can reapply, but for reapplication you have to stop tattooing and let it soak in for 30 minutes. It definitely helps, and I definitely couldn't have gotten through my chest piece without it. Just know that it isn't going to magically make your whole tattoo painless, it just takes the edge off." ~Robert

"I was concerned that this stuff would not work based on some of the reviews. For the record I have over 20 hours of work under my belt at this point. When I got ink eeze, I was near completion of a upper sleeve piece and was about to get to the most sensitive part( my  arm pit). Ok here it is. I Felt nothing. ~Alan