Dr. Numb Numbing Cream

Dr. Numb: #1 Numbing Cream Recommended by Professionals

Looking for the top brand and guaranteed result? Dr. Numb is a 30g, non-prescription, topical anesthetic numbing cream (White smooth homogeneous cream) which contains 5% active agent Lidocaine and 7.22% non-medicinal rapid acting base. Dr. numb is a non-oily and water based numbing cream – only product that is registered and certified in the North American market and Worldwide. Dr.Numb is manufactured in cGMP licensed laboratory guaranteeing the safe use of lidocaine formula. Unlike most of competing numbing cream products out there in the market illegally imported from unlicensed factories in China, Dr. Numb has gone through complicated series of validation process, stability testing, toxicology/ clinical tests, and batch quality control. Dr. Numb doesn't interfere with the ink (when tattooing) or the skins elasticity, making it safe to reduce the GREAT PAIN of Needle Pain, Tattooing, Body Piercing, Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Waxing, Permanent Cosmetics and other Minor Surgical Procedures. Dr. Numb is voted as the #1 numbing cream by tattoo artists and cosmetic professionals all around the world.

  • 12.22% Numbing Cream with 5% Lidocaine
  • Fast Acting and Rapid Absorption
  • Vitamin E Acetate to enhance recovery of skin
  • 99% Recurring Clients Worldwide
  • 87.78% Water based Topical Numbing Cream
  • Uses: Needle Pain, Tattooing, Body Piercing, Waxing, etc.

Dr. Numb contains Lidocaine, a substance that has been used for many years as anaesthetics in medical and dental offices. Dr. Numb contains more of a pure form of Lidocaine which acts as the numbing anaesthetic cream for the skin. The purity is very important, because not all Lidocaine is manufactured and refined as Dr. Numb has been. Pain is caused by the stimulation of pain receptors at the ends of the nerves. The stimulation causes sodium to enter the nerve ending, which causes an electrical signal to build up in the nerve. When this electrical signal is big enough, it passes along the nerve to the brain, where the signal is interpreted as pain. Dr. Numb works by temporarily blocking this pathway of pain signals along nerves. Dr. Numb numbing anaesthetic cream does this by stopping the sodium entering the nerve ending at the site of the pain. This prevents an electrical signal building up and passing along the nerve fibres to the brain.

Long lasting (up to 4 hours) numbing cream for numbing the skin area before getting any kind of painful procedures such as waxing, body piercing, tattooing, permanent eye line etc... The most safe and purest numbing cream the does not interfere with any kind of permanent ink, tattoo ink or piercing process.

Just imagine avoiding unnecessary pains and getting what you have to get done...and the amazed looks on your friends, colleagues and families faces when they find out that you had everything done without pain!

Lidocaine 5%, Cream Base Q.S Store below 30oC. Protect from light. Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of children. Puncture nozzle seal with piercing point of cap. Replace cap after use.

Directions for use:

  1. Wash the area receiving laser or tattoo treatment with soap and water and allow to dry completely. Apply a heavy amount of Dr Numb to the area and rub into the skin.
  2.  Now that Dr Numb has been rubbed into the area of skin to be treated, place an additional, layer of Dr Numb over the same area.
  3. Cover that 2nd application of Dr Numb with plastic film such as cling wrap (Glad Wrap or Saran Wrap). The plastic wrap prevents evaporative cooling, keeping the cream warm which activates the active ingredients.
  4. Leave the plastic wrap on the area until it is removed by the professional before the procedure by wiping off. A minimum of 90 minutes is recommended by tattoo artists. NB: Leave the cream on the skin longer for a better result, up to 2 hours is recommended. Don’t remove the plastic cling wrap (Glad or Saran wrap) until you feel the numbing effect. If your Tattoo is larger than your palm, then you will require 2 tubes of Dr. Numb.

Dr. Numb Customer Testimonials:

"Its great and works great!! I was very sceptical after i saw some bad opinions(""not working, fake etc). I read many good opinions about it but after only few bad opinions I was scared I payed so much money for nothing and I'll be disappointed. I asked my tattooist and he said that some stupid people don't know how to use it! I did my three hours back tattoo with no pain at all( nearly fall a sleep:))
I highly Recommend it to everybody!!!" ~ Daniel

"I use this stuff all the time for when I use my DermaRoller. It is fantastic and much cheaper here. You gotta lather on, and it takes about 10 minutes for it to work. I like to do about 2 thick coats and leave it for about 20 -30 minutes on my face and I'm ready to literally roll. This also helped my moms itchy bug bites to stop driving her nuts! A little bit went a long way in easing her terrible bites. She's sensitive to pretty much everything, so this gave her great relief! " ~Jane

"Hey guys, here it is my feedback for your products. I have a huge tattoo on my back that I wanted to remove. I was quite concerned watching on Youtube and this guy was literally screaming hysterically. He was a huge guy too lol. But anyway, after talking to one of your staff, Sophie, I decided to buy the product to remove my tattoo... Since it is a whole back piece that I have, it took us about 45 minutes. I felt nothing. Done. That is my feedback for you guys. And I recommended to the laser clinic to purchase your product. Thanks guys. And my wife is extremely happy now that I removed my tattoos." ~ Jacob

"About a week ago I tried for the very first time the Dr. Numb cream on my latest tattoo which spreads across my ribs and onto my abdominal area. My tattoo artist followed the directions from the label on the tube and before the first hour was through the tattooing process began. At first I was skeptical but to my surprise I was feeling absolutely nothing at all. Some spots even tingled as the needle poked through the tissue. My tattooist continued to apply the Dr. Numb cream several times throughout the 3 hour tattoo session. Even though the directions tell you not to apply to broken skin, I have not noticed any difference in healing or color fading compared to all the tattoos I have received with Dr. Numb." ~ Jaskson

"I bought Dr. Numb to use for micro needling. Works great numbs the area. I'm very happy with this product it is totally worth it." ~ Debrah

"I got the biggest tattoo you could possibly imagine  on my ribcage.  I can say without a doubt the sessions would not be possible without Dr NUMB.
If you have a dream of finally getting that piece you've always dreamed of, don't even THINK about doing it without this cream.
Next stop... watercolor Tattoo... I got three tubes with my last purchase." ~Mary

"Dr. Numb worked well for me! It was recommended by my electrologist who heard about this during a convention. I was desperate to relieve the discomfort from my sensitive areas and decided to browse the web, took the risk and ordered 2 tubes. I can best describe the sensation as a topical novacaine. I followed the instructions thoroughly, leaving a generous amount on the areas  before treatment time. There was no discomfort at all. It started wearing off slowly after the 3rd hour. I would recommend this to anyone!" ~Rachelle

"I love getting my eyebrows threaded. Far better than waxing for me since threading is much more precise, but the pain on my upper lip was too much and worse since I don't need to get threaded as often anymore. I purchased Dr. Numb and  I have to say from the first use, I've been hooked. I had to get threaded once before it could really work and while it did numb a bit of the pain, it was still rather painful to me. When I allow it to sit for the thirty or so minutes before getting threaded, I am in happy land. You would never know that I just got threaded. What is also great for me is that it doesn't irritate my skin." ~ Lee

"I wanted something that would numb my upper thigh for a large tattoo I wanted to get. I have a pretty good pain threshold to begin with, but a tattoo almost as large as 8x10 inches takes about five hours. I tried this at home to see how well it would work. I applied a tube and aboout a third of the other one  and wrapped it in saran wrap for an hour. For the next four hours, I felt the pressure of the tattoo artist on my thigh, but not the needle..." ~Royce

"I have to tell all consumers that Dr. Numb is worth it's weight in gold. I didn't use Dr. Numb for any tattoos or other personal reasons. Waxing, permanent make up, (which I know is a tattoo) etc. I used it for a medical reason which has debilitated me for years now. I have suffered with Peripheral Neuropathy. It feels like someone stripped the skin off my feet and poured alcohol on them. I have looked for relief through the medical community to no avail. Once I found Dr. Numb, I finally found relief. I was actually able to be a part of my family again. There aren't enough words of praise I can say for Dr. Numb, but I can say a very heartfelt Thank You to the makers of this fine product." ~Kat